Porto Azzuro

Porto Azzuro beach is one of the most famous beaches in Vasilikos, both for locals and tourists. It is characterized by its clear blue waters and the sandy beach. It is worth noting that the beach is located between the pines and the shade they create. At one end there are two rocks that complete the beautiful landscape. It deserves to be in your options for special photos!

Porto Roma

Porto Roma is a quaint and small beach lying in the area of Vasilikos, 16 km southeast of Zakynthos Town. The beach has been named to honor of the famous Zakynthian personality, Alexandros Romas. It is gifted with a unique natural beauty of lush greenery and tall pine trees providing good shade for visitors.


Gerakas is the southern beach of the island and for sure one of the most beautiful. It consists of a long sand tongue ending in a small promontoryGeraka diving in the sea.


Mavratzi beach is located between Gerakas and Agios Nikolaos beaches. On this beach you will find water sports to have fun and spend an unforgettable summer day. It is safe for children as it is sandy and has shallow waters.

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