Argasi is the closest village to Zakynthos town 4 km southest. It is one of the most tourist growing and bustling areas of the island


This is where the Caretta Caretta sea turtle lays its eggs, so the beach is protected and some places may be 'closed' to the public to ensure the safety of the turtle. For the same reason the beach is closed to the public in the evening.

Vasilikos Area

Vassilikos is a picturesque area south of Zakynthos. The Vassilikos peninsula is known for its natural beauty, the overgrown slopes, the mountains and many beaches.

Laganas Bay

The Bay of Laganas is in the southern part of the island and is famous for its natural beauty, with blue waters, sandy beaches and wooded hills. Marathonissi and Peluzo are two islets covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation which are located in the bay.

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