In order to find the best picture spot of shipwreck beach, you have to choose the right viewpoint. There is an official viewpoint north of the actual beach. At this viewpoint is a little balcony where you can sneak a view of the beach and the shipwreck. However, this is not the perfect picture spot.But the best view you can get is when you walk more to the right (to north) along with a little path through a field of rocks and bushes to a headland which gives you the best view at Navagio beach from above. Arriving there, you have a wide range of places to choose from. Don’t go all the way to the end of the headland, you won’t have a good view there. The best spot is right in the beginning when you start seeing the beach from the headland. Tips: If you head to the viewpoint in the morning there will be shadow in the whole bay. If you head there at midday there will be sun and the sea will sparkle in many shades of turquoise, but there will be plenty of boats and people at the beach and the bay which will distract your pic. If you go to the viewpoint of shipwreck beach in the afternoon there will be shadow again in the bay plus hundreds of people. Thus, go there in the evening, at around 6 p.m. In July or August, it might be better to go a bit later, because there is no shadow and the sun is burning in the sky on good days. Another tip on how to get the best selfie of Navagio beach: Only go there when the sky is clear because only then you will get to see the beauty of the clear and turquoise water.
The sunset at the viewpoint of Navagio beach is breathtaking. The sun is not setting in the bay of Navagio beach but next to it and it dips the whole see in red colour. Very magical and big, big recommendation to take a bottle of wine and sit on the wall of the viewpoint balcony and enjoy the sun setting into the sea.
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