Agios Nikolaos

Along the northeast coast of Zakynthos, close to the famous Blue Caves, we meet the picturesque little cove of Agios Nikolaos. It owes its name to the barren islet of Agios Nikolaos that lies offshore.

Blue caves

In the north of the Greek Ionian island of Zakynthos at an area called Skinari you will find the magnificent Blue Caves.

Skinari Cape

Skinaris Cape, which is found at the northernmost tip of Zakynthos has some breathtaking, panoramic views, here you can witness both the calm waters of the east and the windy waters of the west.

Shipwreck View Point

In order to find the best picture spot of shipwreck beach, you have to choose the right viewpoint. There is an official viewpoint north of the actual beach

Porto Vromi

Porto Vromi is a splendid beach in the north of Zante (Zakynthos). Picturesque, with with soft white sand and crystal clear waters set in a bay sheltered by limestone cliffs which have made a natural harbour for small ships to moor.

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