An ancient, local legend, which of course lacks any historical support, wants the disciple of Jesus, the much-discussed and often misunderstood Mary Magdalene, to be the first to preach Christianity in Zakynthos. Legend has it that when she went to touch the resurrected Lord in Rome, accompanied by the other Mary, that of Klopp, to denounce the unjust crucifixion of Christ by Pontius Pilate, she was shipwrecked off our island and went ashore to saved. This is how he brought the new religion to the locals. The shipwreck took place outside Vromi, the port of the village of Maries and on a rock the locals show with reverence and pride, to this day, the imprint on the rock from the first press of Isapostolou on the island. There is even the opinion that the village of Maries took its name from that of the two synonymous holy women
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