Laganas is the best known resort on Zante due to its great nightlife reputation. It is the largest and liveliest resort on the island and is to be found on the south coast of Zante . Small hills line the resort and gradually rise to the mountains that characterise the west of Zakynthos. However, the resort itself is mainly flat land which hugs the large sweeping bay forming the long, popular sandy Lagana beach. Much of the accommodation in and around Lagana is surrounded by verdant scenery such as olive groves and fruit orchards – even near to the centre of the resort. Laganas has one of the best beaches on the island; a huge beach of about 5 km long with soft sand that gently shelves into the warm crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. This beach is part of the National Marine Park , set up to protect in particular the endangered loggerhead turtles as well as all flora and fauna found in the vicinity. As this beach is a breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta turtles watersports are limited but boat trips are offered to see these majestic creatures swimming gracefully in the clear waters off Lagana beach. Lagana would not be the best choice of resort for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday but if you are young or a party animal and want to dance the night away or spend it pub crawling the numerous bars (there are over 100!) this is definitely the resort for you! There is an extensive range of nightclubs and bars, sure to suit every taste and Laganas is a resort also suitable for families who want to enjoy the lovely beach and won't be bothered by some noise from bars and nightclubs. Every type of cuisine is available in Lagana, from takeaway to fine dining and all types of local and international dishes – you will be amazed by all the choice on offer. In between sunbathing on the lovely beach, eating in the good restaurants and enjoying the lively nightlife, you may just have time for some shopping in the numerous shops offering: tourist souvenirs, jewellery, clothes, holiday necessities and leather goods – all at reasonable prices. There is also a regular bus service between Lagana and the capital Zante Town , meaning that a day exploring the pretty capital and sightseeing is easily manageable.
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