Kalamaki is located 7 km southwest of the city and is a quiet tourist resort for relaxing holidays. It is a coastal, green village that ends in a magnificent sandy beach.


The real heart of the island's spree and nightlife. It was originally developed along its main road, about three kilometers, which leads to the beach.

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is a rather small and picturesque beach located 11km southeast of Zakynthos Town. The tiny island of Agios Sostis offers a spectacular beauty due to its unusual rock formations, the small caves and the pine trees.

Turtle Island

Marathonisi also know as Turtle island is a small private island located in the bay with turtles very close to Limni Keri beach.

Keri Lake

Keri is situated on the Southwest side of the island and is 15 klm from the city of Zakynthos and 12 klm from the Airport. Referred to by Herodotus it is an area that combines the sea, pine forests, valleys and streams. Keri was many times in the past, the target of pirates and conquerors.

Keri Village

Keri is located 19 km southwest of the city of Zakynthos and is one end of the bay of Laganas and the southernmost point of the island.The main feature of the mountainous part of the village is the old, stone houses with narrow streets.

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