To reach Korakonisi I started from the village of Koiliomenos and followed north the main road to Agios Leontas. At about 1km you will find the sign to Korakonisi. There you turn left. Continue on the asphalt always facing the sea. When the asphalt is finished, you can park and continue on foot to Korakonisi. Access is by a narrow path of high stone steps. The descent needs attention but there are constantly ropes along the path where you can lean. Approaching it, you can only admire its wild natural beauty. The island is a unique monument of nature. The formation of the rock that creates it starts from a theoretic arch that exceeds 20m. The arch covers a small closed bay. Inside, the water is cool and deep blue and the seabed is wonderful. Around it is surrounded by sea, rocks and joins the rest of the land in a single small piece of rock. Climbing high on the rock of the island you can admire the rocky wild landscape inside, to dive and feel the awe in all its glory. The very daring dive from the arch. If diving from a height scares you, access to the sea is easy from the rocks. Be sure to use a mask since diving into the blue of the water floods you, you see every sunbeam piercing it and the seabed is very rich. Be sure to get water and whatever else you need. Your swim in Korakonisi will be a bit alternative since you will hardly find shade and the rocks are not so comfortable to lie down. But they are flat enough to rest and sunbathe under the hot sun.
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