Separated from Laganas with a wonderful and huge pine forest, Kalamaki grows almost entirely on the main road? New hotels and restaurants, perfectly integrated into the surrounding countryside, offer the guest every possible comfort. In recent years, many snack bars and tourist shops have opened, always with respect to the natural environment and the nearby beach, which due to the fact that it is an extension of Laganas beach, is also protected by the regulations that apply to the marine park. It is a sandy beach with a lot of people in the first part, which is close to the hotels, but it is worth at least once to walk to the last part of the beach where the mountain is literally falling into the sea. At this point, in addition to finding crystal clear and very hot waters, there is a chance that you will be alone even in August. On the same road, if you walk on the beach going to Laganas, when you are in the middle of the two resorts you will have a pine forest behind you, the sea in front of you and a few tourists around you. Entry hours on this coast are also limited due to the presence of the turtle.
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