Soak up the sights on the island of Zakynthos during a rugged Jeep safari tour that unlocks the beauty of the Ionian oasis. Clamber up a rough mountain pass with the wind in your hair, cruise through idyllic towns like Exo Hora and Kampi, and take a quick dip in the drink at a beach in Makris Gialos. Leave your hotel in the morning to make the most of your Jeep safari. While the birds rejoice at the break of day, embark on a trip to the island's high point near the top of Mount Vrachionas. Keep your camera close by during an ascent into the clouds. At the summit, pause to snap images of the surrounding landscape, where rounded hills plunge into the swirling depths of the Ionian Sea. From the top of Mount Vrachionas, cruise downhill and land in the village of Exo Hora, where ancient stone walls and red-roofed homes remain intact, despite a disastrous earthquake that struck the region in 1953. Following an intriguing stroll through Exo Hora, head to Kampi and indulge in a traditional Grecian spread at your own expense. While dining on offerings like spanakopita and fresh fish with tzatziki, plot the remainder of your day. With your hunger pangs sated, cruise through Anafonitria to purchase some fresh produce for dinner. Conclude your tour with a refreshing swim at a beach in Makris Gialos, where golden sands stretch into azure waters and unique rock formations provide a feast for the eyes.
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