Regardless of your familiarity with the sport you can combine your holiday with a spot of horse-riding. You can either go on a simple stroll with a horse or if you would like to spend more time horse-riding you can take lessons. For beginners you begin by learning some theory first, this includes safety, codes of communication and getting to know the horse, this is then continued with the practical part of getting on the horse and then moving. Most schools provide free equipment and transportation to and from their place of residence along with insurance. Treks usually consist of groups of no more than six people and are accompanied by an experienced instructor. Those more experienced can devise their own route, however they will again be accompanied by an experienced instructor. For children wanting to ride, depending on their age the schools can provide a suitable horse. The best time for riding, particularly during the summers months are between 7am and 9am, and then again between 7pm and 9pm when the sun is not so strong. Each school, depending on the area in which it is located offers the possibility to navigate through the nature of Zakynthos via paths and trails of varying intensity and duration.
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