Trek around the island of Zante. Walk and explore around dramatic cliffs, pass through vineyards and visit local farms. Here some routes that you can follow. Iperagathos is a abandoned Monastery built in 17th century by two brothers dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The trail takes the hiker through a valley with a mosaic of olive fields, vineyards and vegetable crops. Apart from these, the hiker can observe elements of the earlier history of the area, such as abandoned lodges and flour mills. The route ends at the mountain village of Loucha with beautiful cobbled paths and traditional stone houses. Total distance (km) 8.2 Duration 4 hours Difficulty moderate Target group families, everyone The area between Marathia and Keri village is full of walking paths! After we explored the whole of it we chose two of them for this summer. The landscape combines the wild, rough scenery of the west-southest tip of the island with the cultivated fields of the locals - showing their effort to plant olive trees even on the rocky soil of this region. Marathonissi is all the time together with us, watching it's west, steep side. Fully surrounded by pine tree forests, we start to imagine how Zakynthos was many, many years ago. The mountain of Skopos is on the SE side of Zakynthos and it had strategic importance in the history of the island from ancient times. At the top you can find the rebuilt temple of Panagia Skopiotissa at the place which the ancient temple of Goddess Diana was situated. The course is surrounded by the characteristic mediterranian vegetation and Maquis of the Ionian Islands. The gorgeous panoramic view will fascinate you at every point of the route, which ends with a technical descend to Laganas Bay. We walk up the sacred mountain in the southeastern part of Ζakynthos accompanied by amazing views, the smell of tasty herbs and scenting pinetrees. Passing by two old and both newly renovated churches, panagia Skopiotissa and Agios Nikolaos Megalomatis, we get to know more about the history of the island. For one of the best panoramic views of Zakynthos we can climb the very top of the mountain, overlooking from there Ionian Sea. On our way down we enjoy the mountainous feeling, with gazing to the sea, Zakynthos town, entire Vrahionas mountain and flat country, Kefalonia and mainland of Greece. Total distance (km) 10 Duration 5 hours Difficulty technical, demanding Target group enthusiasts
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