Tsilivi is a village located 4 kilometers northeast of Zakynthos. More specifically, the village is called Planos and the beach that ends in the village is called Tsilivi.


On the beach of Kipseli that named Drosia you can enjoy sunbathing on your summer holidays away from the crowds as you will find a few tourists and sometimes no people at all.


Amoudi is located in the eastern part of Zante next to Alykes and Alykanas. It is a picturesque village, ideal for relaxing holidays.


Alykanas maintains its traditional character, amongst lush olive groves and vineyards. The resort is ideal for hiking, cycling or even horse-riding.


Alikes are located in north-eastern part of Zante and were named after a big area, where salt used to be produced. Because of the salt flats, the village was named Alikes.


Katastari is the largest village of Zakynthos and is famous for its hospitable residents.

Xigia Beach

Xigia Beach Sulphur Springs and Spa Collagen.Between the crack of the rugged rock walls is the sulphur spring that produces milky white substance in the water.

Makris Gialos

Makris Gialos is a small, picturesque beach located 25 km northeast of Zakynthos town and enclosed in a small creek. It consists of sand and pebbles and its waters are crystalline, turquoise and relatively deep.

Mikro Nisi

On the Mikro Nisi you can enjoy the pebble beach or dive from the rocks. And if your dive has made you hungry you can visit one of the taverns and enjoy some good food while gazing at the sea.

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