Just a short drive from the capital of Zakynthos, Argassi immediately appears as a small but modern village, equipped to meet the needs of the visitors. The village grows mainly along the coastal road and offers the visitor the opportunity to choose between Argassi's numerous restaurants, traditional taverns and shops where overnight stays can be enjoyed until late at night. In the surroundings you can see the ruins of old churches, houses, bridges and aqueducts, some of which are near the sea and others are in the Mediterranean, hidden in the green. The bay where the beach of Argassi is located is great if you admire it in the evening turning from Vassiliko to Zakynthos. It looks like the small village of Argassi and the whole capital. The beach of Argassi consists of creeks with many snack bars in the green and the waters of this village partially hide the ruins of a Roman bridge. In the evening, after choosing one of the many taverns, traditional, international cuisine or fast food, you can have a drink at one of the lively tourist pubs where music is played late into the night. The pubs are very well cared for in terms of their aesthetics so that they become attractive to the tourist. In addition, on the way to town, there are 3 to 4 clubs well known on the island where major DJs play during the summer.
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