Alykes are located in north-eastern part of Zante and were named after a big area, where salt used to be produced. Because of the salt flats, the village was named Alykes and the inhabitants call this area Tigania. Alykes combine lush vegetation and clear waters. Alykes are ideal for relaxing holidays and the perfect holiday destinations for families or couples.The golden sandy beach of Alykes is ideal for families with small children as the sand shelves gently into the sea. The beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds to rent and a variety of watersports to try, as well as some beach bars.Alykes maintain their traditional character, amongst lush olive groves and vineyards. The resort is ideal for hiking, cycling or even horse-riding. Boats to Blue Caves and Smugglers Cove, two of the most important attractions of Zante, start daily from Alykes beach. Moreover you can visit Vertzagio Agricultural Museum, in Pigadiakia village, by train that performs daily shuttles from Alykes. Last but not least you can enjoy the picturesque village by hiring a carriage to go from Alykes to Alykanas.
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